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Too much pay Deducted for strike day

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, deductions may only be made from wages if they are required by law (e.g. tax and National Insurance) or they have been written into your contract of employment.  Employers are legally entitled to make deductions from pay for employees involved in industrial action.  There are restrictions on how much they can deduct.  The most recent legal precedent provides for a deduction at an hourly rate but explicitly states this only covers a case where there is no contractual agreement on how pay is accrued.  For those who were employed at Central or GCNS their contracts explicitly state the daily accrual rate is 1/365 of a year’s salary.  These terms are protected by TUPE.  The college is deliberately trying to make a larger deduction in order to reduce the willingness of staff to strike in the future.  Do they really think that forcing staff into submission will create a ‘World Class’ college?




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